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Don't live by numbers or let society dictate your look!

I thought id write about what is seemingly a growing trend in peoples fitness journeys. I’m talking about living your life by numbers.

What do I mean by that?

Well nearly every day I have people in and out of the gym telling me how much they weigh and not only that but how much they need to lose. Numbers! Where do they get that number from? 9 times out of 10 it’s just a guess. So the purpose of this article today is simple....Please don’t live your life by numbers.

Each individual that attends a gym or performs some kind of physical activity has a different goal in mind but one thing a vast amount of people have in common is the addiction to the scales. I tell people day in day out that the best judge is not the scales. The best judge is the mirror! If you look at the scales and they say you are 150lb and your aim was to get to 140lb but yet when you look in the mirror you are happy and feel healthy then just maintain!

Too many people put pressure on themselves to get to a target that was simply plucked out of thin air. Now there are many contributing factors when it comes to wanting to make a physical change to your body the main one in my opinion being modern society! It’s impossible to go a day without seeing or hearing a magazine, TV or radio commercial which promotes weight loss or some kind of cosmetic surgery. They each promise the world and talk about multiple success stories but you never hear about the people who try and try and struggle then ultimately burn out. It’s a sad but true fact.

My advice to anyone going to the gym that has an amount of weight in mind (other than competitors etc) is forget it! Go to the gym by all means but don’t put any pressure on yourself. Get help from personal trainers or fitness instructors (GOOD ONES!!). If you have a plan to follow and solid nutritional advice then you know you are on the right path to reaching you goal of transforming your body. Let the mirror be the judge not the scales.

If you are happy then who cares what the scales say! Some of you might be reading this and think nope I’m just sticking with the scales. Well if that’s the case then that’s your choice this is simply my advice and opinion after years of working with clients in and out of the gym. My experience of working with some of the world’s best fitness coaches has taught me more than any text book ever could. I am always happy to help people should they have any questions on health and fitness so please don't hesitate to message me if you need some help.


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