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Can I Build lean muscle and reduce body fat at the same time?

A question I see posted on multiple sites and question boards online. I also see a large amount of fitness “professionals” commenting things like.....” it is not possible and you have to cut first before you build”. To be honest in my opinion this is just bull shit. I have worked with many different clients over the years and the whole building muscle while lowering body fat approach is one that has given me the most success. Before I go on I have to address the comments that usually come with the answers to this question which is the whole “it is possible with steroids”. Steroids to put it in real simple terms allow the body to heal quicker promoting greater muscle growth. So the fact is YOU CAN build muscle and lower body fat without steroids. If you choose to use steroids then yes the process will happen quicker that’s all.  The 3 main factors in muscle building and fat loss (at the same time) are...


This is KEY to building muscle and lowering body fat. The calories need to be enough to promote muscle growth and sustain an anabolic state. Far too many times I see personal trainers giving very low calorie diets out with no regard for training intensity or lifestyle.  You have heard it before but you wouldn’t run a Ferrari on fumes! It needs fuel....Good fuel. Protein and Carbohydrates play a BIG part in the diets I create down to them acting as a fuel source for intense weight workouts and the thermogenic effect provided.


The training plan must be structured so that you are hitting different body parts on different days but also having rest days to recover and repair muscles. You need to ensure that the rep ranges and rest periods in your workout promotes an intensity that will see the body temperature rise and all this is conducive to the fat burning process.  An example Training split for the week would be.

Mon – Back and Biceps

Tuesday – Chest & Triceps

Wed – Rest

Thursday – Shoulders & Upper back

Friday – Legs (Including hamstrings)

Sat – Rest

Sunday – HIIT cardio & Abs

The above is only an example of a 2 on 1 off setup with HIIT cardio and abs on a rest day.


This is really simple.  20-30 minutes post workout cardio. Never do the cardio before a workout. You also have the option of fasted cardio in the morning before breakfast. Just 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week keeping your heart rate between 125-135bpm can make a huge difference to your body fat %.

Now all the above is just my opinion but it comes from working with many clients over the past few years. If you implement these 3 steps then I can assure you it is possible and you will change your body. If you have any questions or would like to know about Online personal training then please feel free to contact me as I’d be happy to help.


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