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A Trainers View on Guys v Girls

Training Girls v Guys

Ill sum this up right at the start! It’s harder to coach girls than guy’s… period!

I train both and some have the goal of competing…so from experience the above is true…but why?


Guys for the most part want to “get jacked” and don’t care about much else! Give them a diet and it’s pretty much a case of let go! …happy days! (NOT ALL GUYS BUT MOST!)

Now when it comes to girls it can get a little more complicated. There are way more factors to consider and the dreaded hormonal changes which seem to occur with way more girls than guys (but some guys too!)…girls ask way more questions compared to guys and that’s not a bad thing to be fair as usually girls are more bothered by details.

A lot of guys have that “meh” attitude…

It’s not very often a girl goes to a personal trainer asking for help becoming a beast! A lot of girls are scared of building muscle because they don’t want to “look like a man” ….ok that’s fair but it’s really not as easy as most think when it comes to building that amount of muscle. There is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. I also see a lot of girls starting off in the gym with the aim of improving muscle tone and maybe building a big ass etc but then they get the gym bug!

When it comes to 1 to 1 personal training….guys and girls are pretty much the same but the difference comes when we get into the nutrition/supplement side of things. Women typically diet (and don’t eat anywhere near enough) more than men and a lot of the time when they revert back to “normal eating” they put on unwanted weight and start the whole diet cycle again a few weeks or months later because (it worked before). I find that it takes a good few weeks to really find out what plan works for a female because (as I said above) of all the other factors. In my opinion with both guys and girls it’s important to find a balance with diet and lifestyle.

Is that really possible? To enjoy food and have a life while getting and staying in shape?

Dam right it is! Anyone who says it’s not is a LIAR! It’s about balance and moderation! It’s about hard work and dedication in the gym. You can’t train like a monster and eat like a pig …it just doesn’t work (unless you have God given genetics)

Now I should at this point tell you….all the above is 100% true but if you have a goal of competing and enter a “prep” phase things have to get serious and that the sacrifice you make to achieve your goal of getting on stage looking your best ever!

The title of the post is maybe a little bit misleading but I guess the point I’m trying to make is…..Make sure that if you decide to get a coach or PT that they address this (the difference between working with guys and girls) because if they don’t….chances are you’re going to be just another number!

If you have the goal of competing then you have to have thick skin because a lot of people will judge you simply because they’re ignorant to the whole process and what it takes and why anyone would want to do it! Surround yourself with honest people…..Not just people who kiss ass! You need honesty and constructive criticism to be able to progress and improve…..That doesn’t mean you allow someone to be a dick with you.

Guys and Girls if you have a goal and need help don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.


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