Ben Whitehead

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist

I have a big passion for health and fitness. My main love is bodybuilding. I see bodybuilding as an art form, the discipline and dedication needed to create a physique worthy of the stage encouraged me to take it up myself.


My sports background is football and athletics but the gym has always been a staple in my routine. 

Health & fitness is something that no one person has or will ever master. Even the very best are always learning. I have worked with and under some of the top coaches and nutritionists in the industry and i use/add/adapt to concepts so that my clients get the best advice and service.

I have worked in many gyms over the years and have worked with many different types of people which I think has really helped my assessment skills when it comes to developing training plans & diet plans for specific needs. 



Personal Trainer in Kirklees
Top Bodies Gym, Huddersfield

Level 3 Personal Trainer

ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist Certified



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+44 (0)7818 75 88 31

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