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1 to 1 Personal Training

If you're serious about your training, honest enough to follow the plan and willing to work hard for results..look no further! 

Our 1 on 1 personal training service in Huddersfield is second to none.

And with none of the bulls**t that the vast majority of personal trainers seem to feed to people.

You can find us at Top Bodies Gym in Huddersfield. If you're serious about your training there is no better place in Huddersfield to get it done!

How Does Online Coaching Work?



We will take you through an assessment which will enable us to create your personal training & nutritional plan. No matter what your fitness level or goals are.



We will create your personalized nutrition plan built specifically for your likes and needs. We take the stress and guesswork away leaving you free to focus on the training.



We will design your workout/training plan based on our initial assessments. We will then structure the plan to ensure you get the results you want.



We will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis and give you 24/7 support. Updates are every 2 weeks and there are also optional skype video calls. We aim to do our best to keep you motivated and on track.

Ben is brilliant he will sit down with you go through your goals and dietary needs/issues. I was insulin resistant and the diet plan Ben devised is specifically geared towards my health needs. I've never lasted on a diet in my whole life this is the first one I have ever stuck with. Ben and Sarah have been really supportive and I've dropped over 7kg whilst I've been with him and will continue to do with his input. Thank you Ben and Sarah.

I’ve been having Ben at my personal trainer since January 2018 and in this time my progress has come on leaps and bounds. Ben has helped me to add quality muscle while lowering my body fat this is due to the meal plans provided. I hope to compete in my 1st bodybuilding competition in 2018 not only does Ben provide you with meal plans ,posing technique , but there is unlimited support this is via questions and being pushed in the gym.

Whatever your goals are believe me Ben is your guy.

Just recently started training with ben with hopes of competing next year I’ve already learnt heaps on training and maximising my workouts he really pushes me to my limits and continues to teach me the correct way to body-build couldn’t ask for a better PT if your interested in making a change to your life and smashing those goals then you need to be a part of XTND FITNESS